A Bad Bad Game of Football - TYFA

A Bad Bad Game of Football - TYFA

A Bad Bad Game of Football - TYFA. What will be done to stop other kids from being intentionally hurt.

SAAFM received the following as an email.  The email was also sent to TYFA, Frank Dunn, and Kens 5 by Dolan. This email was also sent to TYFA, and Frank Dunn by Dolan. SAAFM emailed both TYFA and Dunn for a response to the Dolan email . A TYFA representative, and Frank Dunn both responded on Friday April 20th via email. As a note, SAAFM learned TYFA had already handed out fines and suspensions as early as Thursday evening.  The TYFA and Dunn response follow the below email sent by Dolan.

I’m writing to ALL of YOU because I want answers. I want answers to what transpired on Saturday between the NE Colts and the Predators TYFA. 

“Take him out!” That’s what the coach of the Predators instructed his overgrown player to do to my son the quarterback of the NE Colts. Take him out! He did just that. He did what the coach told him to do. He didn’t miss a beat.  He wanted to make the coach happy. Coach is the boss. Take out the quarterback. The Predators win. Coach is happy.  My team wins. So he took my son out on the next play.

He waited for Sam to throw a pass, a good pass. It was a pass with distance. The fans turned their attention to the game. They were focused on the ball in the air, the play in motion. They were not watching the cowardly movement of the overgrown player coming up from behind the quarterback and grabbing his helmet by the back of his neck. It was a cheap shot. Not a play for the game. He hung onto Sam’s helmet while twisting and pulling and swinging Sam until he was flung to the ground.

Sam hit the ground hard. He hit the ground so hard he passed out. The game was still in motion. The pass was caught and then a fumble. One by one the NE Colts players sank to their knees. It was a sign a player was hurt. But where was that player, I thought? Than, I saw my Sam. His body twisted and distorted looking. Lying there still on the ground, lifeless looking.

I expect Sam to get hurt. He’s a high-octane boy that loves football, wrestling and motocross. But something wasn’t right. Sam should not be hurt. He was throwing a pass. That all, a pass, a complete pass. But his body lay motionless. This wasn’t part of the game. Why? Why, I wondered?

I then remembered the drive home from the previous weekend football jamboree. The NE Colts were playing the same team, the Predators. Sam said it was a rough game. He said, the word is the Predator Coach wanted to take out the NE Colts quarterback and the running back. It was upsetting. A week had passed, but then the memory flashed in my mind. Anger swelled inside me as my sons lifeless body finally began to move.

My focus was on my son, but I couldn’t help to see the nightmare unfolding before my eyes. The fans were in an uproar. The two teams were on the sidelines, not watching for the ambulance, not trying to make sense of the situation. The two teams, the players, the coaches and referees were screaming, shoving and fighting with their fist. The running back yelled at the Predator coach. The Predator coach turned and swung at him.

A burly 40 year old man and coach, swinging his fist at a 13 year old boy. Why? It was the same 13 year old that the Predator Coach had told his players to take out. A 13 year old boy who loved the game of football, just like my son Sam loved football. Take out the quarterback and the running back and we’ll win was the word from the Predator Coach.

Finally the paramedics arrived, the fireman arrived and eventually the police arrived. Where was security during the game, I wondered? Where was EMT, I wondered? 

Sam was taken to the hospital. He had a concussion. He hurt. His head hurt. His neck hurt. His back hurt and his arm hurt. The doctor on duty was livid. He sees plenty of football injuries. But not like this. This isn’t an injury from playing football. This is an intentional and deliberate injury that could maim. This injury caused a concussion. It was injury that could have involved a cervical-spine neck fracture resulting in possible paralysis or death.  It was intentional. It was designed to take Sam out – and it did.

Now my question to each of you –

Is this football? Is this football for 7th and 8th grade boys who just love the game of football and all they want to do is play. 

Is this football designed to teach fundamentals, sportsmanship, teamwork while working hard and having fun? Is this the game of football the fans want? Fans that are really moms, dads, young brothers and sisters, friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles and neighbors. 

Where were the San Antonio police or Sheriff’s department? Isn’t that part of the rental facility agreement with the city?  

Is there "just" punishment to the kid and Predator Coach who instructed his player to take my son out.

Is there "just" punishment to the Predator Coach, a 40 plus coach, who threw a punch at a 13 year old boy who came that day to play football. 

Although I signed a release, it was a release for injuries in the course of the play, but not for intentional and wanton injury to another. Do I need to take legal action to get real resolution and to see "just punishment? 

Where’s the video of the game?  I know it exist. It contains the truth.  

I don't want to see another kid hurt or injured intentionally! I don't want any more coaches coaching that win by taking out the opponents. 

Here's what I want, and nothing less -  the Predator Coach suspended for the season and the player suspended. I want the referee who overheard the threat suspended too.

And my final question - if it was your son, what would you do? What is the "just"?

I expect answers to my questions. My cell phone is xxx-xxx-xxxx and e-mail is ddolanx@xxxxx.com


Donna Dolan


Attention TYFA,


We were emailed the following email and will be running a story on this email. Do you have a response to this email, or any contributory information you would like to provide.

TYFA to SAAFM: The situation is being investigated.  We are gathering statements from the two teams, the referees and other organization representatives that were at the game scouting. 

You have received one persons story on this and the story is tainted because the person submitting the story is the one with a child who was hurt playing tackle football. I'm sure you know there are always two sides to a coin.  You have one.

Have you spoken to the referees who were at the game?  Have you spoken to representatives or parents from the other team?  Has video proof been provided?

Not sure what your intent is by running this.  But for a valid story I think you need more well rounded facts.

SAAFM to TYFA: You have provided many sources for which only TYFA would have access.  Would you like to provide the names and numbers for the Refs? Its obvious that TYFA is aware of several sources of information that were attending the game. I am aware that punishment and fines have been levied, and they have been appealed.  It would seem that TYFA has already gathered all its information, so as to determine such punishment.

SAFFM to Dunn:

Mr. Dunn,

I am a reporter with the San Antonio Amateur Football Magazine and I am receipt of the below email from Donna Dolan.  My question to you is your response to the following questions put forth by Dolan.  I would like to be able to have a response from you as this will go online by Monday or sooner.  Magazine link:  http://saafm.prosepoint.net/

Finally the paramedics arrived, the fireman arrived and eventually the police arrived. Where was security during the game, I wondered?

Where were the San Antonio police or Sheriff's department? Isn't that part of the rental facility agreement with the city?

Dunn to SAAFM:

We have nothing to do with this league other than renting our complex out. In the contract security has to be present or we came(sic) cancel the contract!


(TYFA responded this Monday morning (4-23-12) that Punishments have been levied, but the organizations in question have appealed the rulings and that hearing is taking place tonight.)